Key Concepts

Critical Junctures in U.S. Immigration Policy

Historically, U.S. immigration policies have vacillated between passive acceptance and active exclusion, interspersed with episodes of active recruitment.

Defining Integration

Karen Jacobsen, PhD and Charles M. Simpson, with Marina Lazetić,

Financial Inclusion and Financial Health in Migration Contexts

Anastasia Thano and Kim Wilson Kim Wilson is a Sr.

The Process of Integration

Discourse on refugee urban integration includes both the noun form “integration”—i.e. a condition or goal to be achieved—and the verb “integrating”—i.e. an active process by which individuals, groups, or networks connect over time.

Defining Human Security

Human security argues that seeking the security of the individual or community, as defined by that individual or community, is as important–and sometimes more important–as seeking the security of the state.